Rough Terrain (4x2 / 4x4 / 4x4x4)

HMT hydrodynamic diesel and LPG forklifts have an incredible lifting capacity in a variety of applications.
Reliable industrial engines designed for use in forklifts. That ensure high reliability, lower fuel consumption, long service life, low noise and emissions comply with EU Directives.
Reliable hydrodynamic transmission for heavy conditions. Comfortable operator’s cab mounted on rubber pads. Ensure safety and wide view. Large options of lifting equipments and attachments.


  • Head lights
  • Turn signals
  • Horn
  • Drawbar pin   
  • Ergonomic seat
  • Cyclonic air cleaner
  • Power brake
  • Engine key stop
  • Torque converter oil cooler


  • Engine oil pressure warning lamp
  • Charge warning lamp
  • Air cleaner element warning lamp
  • Preheating engine warning lamp
  • Preheating transmission warning lamp
  • Fuel gauge
  • Hour meter


  •  The chassis of fabricated steel plate gives high strength and reliability of construction.
  •  Uniform alignment of loading over entire construction


  •  A robust produced mast of all roller construction affords immense strength, maximum load stability and mast rigidity at full lift height.
  •  Excellent visibility
  •  Full width load rollers and side thrust rollers between inner and outer mast ensure complete alignment and an even distribution of loading.


  •  Modern 4 cylinders diesel engine Perkins 1104D – 11T.
  •  According to the last standards and requirements for exhaust emissions and noise level
  •  High performance, long service period, low fuel consumption


  •  Heavy-duty industrial power shift transmission DANA for work in hard conditions, directly mounted to the engine.
  •  Hydrodynamic transmission gives 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds. Gear selection is electrically controlled. Transmission is proposing also with 4F / 4R speeds depending on working conditions.
  •  Electro-hydraulically controlling disconnection on the rear drive axle gives possibility forklift to work with 2- or 4- drive wheels


  •  The forklifts HMT have a heavy-duty double reduction type drive axles DANA with spiral bevel primary and hub planetary secondary.
  •  The half shafts are fully floating and run in taper roller bearings in oil, which has independence cooling
  •  The drive axles are equip with disk brakes, which are working in oil bath without service
  •  Front drive axle could be drive-rigid or drive-steerable depending on customer’s necessity
  •  Electro-hydraulically control switching ON / OFF of differential lock


  •  Mounted to the chassis through pin type axle
  •  Double acting cylinder is fully protected from mechanical damages
  •  Hydraulic valves protected double acting cylinder from high overloading
  •  Fully hydrostatic power steering is giving excellent manoeuvrability without operator fatigue.
  •  The rear axle has a automatic slip differential lock system to control the truck in all conditions


  •  Brake amplifier SAFIM provide light control and smooth operation.
  •  Brake system is working with mineral oil.


  •  The drive’s module is mounted to the chassis on independence rubber pads.
  •  A wide staircase gives good access to the driver’s position.
  •  The truck is equipped with suspension seat, which is adjustable to ensure high level of driver comfort. The seat is with shock - absorber.
  •  Panoramic windows giving excellent view, adjustable speed of glass-wiper
  •  All meters and gauges are on the adjustable steering column.


  •  Pressure relief valves in: brake pedal, hydrostatic power steering, control valves and other units.
  •  Load lifting and lowering speed valve.
  •  Load lowering valve in hoisting hydraulic plunger cylinders.
  •  Tilt speed valve.
  •  Fork movement speed and anti wilfully movement of forks with load valve.
  •  The forward / reverse lever do not give possibility to start the engine if is not in the neutral position.
  •  Alarm signal for reverse movement.
  •  Warning orange lamp.
  •  Driver’s overhead guard answered of all requirements for safety work and gives possibility for good all round visibility.
  •  Seat belt.
  •  Proper rings for easy lifting and lowering of the truck, which are integrant part of chassis.


  •  Air condition.
  •  Spark arrestor and inlet flame trap.
  •  Automatic gear selection.
  •  All attachments for forklift trucks.